Air Brakes Endorsement

Air Brake Endorsements in Manitoba are extra privileges or restrictions added to your driver’s license. As a truck driver going for their Class 1 license , you need to get an air brakes endorsement on your driver’s license because most vehicles you are going to drive will be equipped with air brakes.

There are two different types of air brake endorsements you can obtain:

  • On-highway. For large trucks, Tow Trucks, buses and RVs equipped with air brakes that drive on roads and highways . If you are going to be driving a truck commercially, transporting goods on public roadways, this is the endorsement you will need.

  • Off-highway (industrial). Generally used for large vehicles equipped with air brakes when transporting natural resources on logging roads. This endorsement does not allow you on public roadways. You need an industrial endorsement if you will be:

  • operating unlicensed vehicles that are equipped with air brakes, and

  • these vehicles are being used to transport natural resources on industrial roads.

You do not need an industrial air brake endorsement to operate skidders, loaders, graders or yarders on industrial roads.

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