MELT Funding

KAP is Manitoba’s general farm policy organization, providing a unified voice for farmers on issues that affect agriculture. KAP represents and promotes the interests of 4,500 farmers and 20 commodity associations.

Several weeks ago I reached out to truck driving schools across Manitoba and inquired about Mandatory Entry-Level Training. A common theme that I heard from truck driving schools was the lack of awareness of government funding for Mandatory Entry-Level Training. The Government of Manitoba offers the annual Canada-Manitoba Job Grant. MELT courses would be eligible for funding under the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant. The Grant would cover up to 75% of the cost of MELT. The grant is open to employers in Manitoba to apply. The next application intake for Grant is on August 30, 2021. More information on the Grant can be found here:

Access to this funding information would be of interest to applicants, including farmers, who are interested in taking MELT to receive their Class 1 license.

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